September 26, 2020 – Huron, Ohio Walleye Charter

Moved the boat to Huron for the remainder of the season and we ran our first trip Saturday with great results. We set our first lines at about 7:45 in the 28/33 area trolling North. Yozuri’s with 2oz back 110′ on one side and 130′ on the other side. Didn’t take long to start picking nice fish. After the first pass going North things slowed with catching a fish here and there. Mid day around Noon things really heated up for us in the 29/32 to 29/30 area after a trolling direction change to the east. Quickly picked up our last 12 fish to give this group their 30 fish limit that went 92lbs at the cleaners. Very nice quality fish all 22″ – 24″ with only 2 fish under 20″. Top 2 colors were the new “Shadtastic” (caught at least 50% of the fish on 3) and “Parrot”. Both 110′ and 130′ with 2oz equally produced all day.