7/9 Fishing Report

Fishing is still going strong!!!

Recent mayfly hatch slowed the bite just a touch but limits are stilling being caught in short order daily. With the warmer water and calm summer days, trolling has been producing better than casting but casters are still catching fish and have their days. Popular areas from the past week have been on the Canadian line between Middle Island and North Bass, South of Kelleys in the ferry lane, and east of Kelleys.

We ran three trips over the extended holiday weekend with great results. 1st trip was ran up on the Canadian line running Trutrip 40’s 30’ to 45’ back with small scorpion spoons. Had great results with limit catches. 2nd trip was on Sat after a NE blow all day Friday that had the water still on the rough side Sat morning. We opted to run west of the islands and fished around Rattlesnake Island in some protected waters. Again, ran Trutrip 40’s 25’ to 35’ back with small spoons. Water was stained a little and was a slower bite but still managed 24 fish for the group of 5. 3rd day had much better water conditions and allowed to run east of the islands. We had the same group that we had on day 2. Fishing was great with a limit of a better grade of fish than we’ve had for a few weeks. Here Trutrip 40’s were ran 75’ to 95’ back with small spoons, Dipsys on a 1 and 2 setting back 35’ and 65’ all caught fish. Great weekend on the water with some great people!

Captain Kelly Schmidt


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