6/21 – 6/23 Fishing Report

Ran 2 trips Sat and Sun and a short teaching trip on Fri. All trips were 4-5 miles east of Kelley’s.

Friday was ran as a teaching charter with only about 1.5 hours of actual fishing and a little slow bite after Thurs night blow. Ran 2 dipsys and 2 inline boards each side. Dipsys were set at 30 on 1 and 43 on 2. Ran our new custom Yozuri cranks on the boards 65′ back. Custom cranks caught 10 of the 12 fish.

Trips Sat and Sun were ran in same general area. Ran TruTrip 40’s one side 35′ back, 2 dipsys on each corner, and our Yozuri custom cranks on the other side 75’s back. Sat it was an equal catch ratio between the spoons and cranks but Sun the cranks ruled. Out fishing the spoons probably 3 to 1.

We have some summer open dates still but have prime time fall dates open in Sept and Oct. Give us call to get in on some great fall fishing!

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