The Wagner family from SE Indiana joined us on a beautiful morning on Lake Erie, especially for August. We were on the 34 King Cat this trip and ran down towards Huron from our dock in Marblehead. I started in an area about 1/2 way between the CP and Huron dump. Original setup was TruTrip 40’s and small spoons on one side back 75′ and WNC Reapers with 2oz back 80′ on the other side. Thinking that the Reapers were best a couple day prior would work out again….little did I know that the fish had other plans. Pulled the Reapers for about an hour with 1 short fish….time to change out! Change the starboard side from Reapers to TruTrip 40’s with small spoons but at 85/95 and they started to pull fish. We found one little area that I worked from SW to NE and back in the trough. I love fishing in the trough and the King Cat allows me to do that comfortably! We were picking at the fish but was on the slow side….I picked up the speed to 2.5knts and things really started to light up. We finished their limit plus a few of mine on the cleanup.

Trutrip 40’s 85/95 back with small spoons at 2.5knts in the 30/35 area was best today.