08/18/2022 – PM

Had the pleasure to spend the afternoon with Randal from Texas. Randal was originally from Toledo but now lives in Texas. Him and his wife were in town on a little vaca/business trip and Randal wanted to get back on the lake. We left our of Huron about 1pm and I headed farther N/NW this time setting up on the NW side of the Huron dump. It was still a slow bite but we had better marks and we slowly picked his limit and a couple of mine on the NW corner and N side of the dump in 44′ of water.  Ran same program of Reapers/Bandits/Yozuri with the Reaper in “Bulldog” back 80′ with 2oz being the best at 2.3. Seemed the fish were a one way bite again with S/SE troll being the best.