08/18/2022 – AM

Slow morning for the Mittleman father/son team from California out of Huron. We started in 28′-32′ of water out front of Cranberry Creek to the Castle.  Running 4 WNC Reapers on the port side 60/80/80/100 back with 2 oz. and 2 Bandits/2 Yozuri Crystal Minnows back 80/100/100/120 on the starboard side. We quickly caught one on the Reapers but that quickly turned to a slow grind. Never really found an active pod of fish and ended the day in 40′-44′ of water. We were a few short of our limit with WNC Reaper in “Bulldog” 80′ back with 2oz being the best for the day. Typical speeds were 1.9 to 2.3.